All bathrooms are fitted with dual voltage sockets (110V and 220V). For assistance please contact housekeeping.

HDFC Bank is located in the hotel premises with 24 hrs ATM facility available at the ground floor.

Banquet and Private Parties
From small informal parties to large gatherings and extensive banqueting facilities, our staff is well trained and equipped to handle your requirements efficiently. Please contact at reception for more information.

Bottle Opener
Fixed behind your bathroom door.

Car Hire
Chauffeur driven air-conditioned and non air-conditioned cars can be provided on request.

Car Parking
Parking is available in Hotel premises. Parking is at owner’s risk.

Checkout Time
Checkout time is 12 Noon. In case you wish to retain your room beyond this time, please inform at reception. In case of permission for retaining the room beyond 12 Noon upto 6 p.m. or part thereof has been granted, half day’s tariff will be charged for the said period. Kindly do not forget to drop your key at reception before checkout.

Available through room service.

Clean my room Button
If you desire that your room is to be cleaned promptly please switch on the green button near to the door.

A wide variety of cakes, patties, and assorted cookies are available. Please place your order with Room Service.

Credit Cards
The following credit cards are accepted. Visa, Master (We respectfully draw your attention to the credit limits which may be set by some credit card institutions). In case of any queries, please call Administrative Officer or at reception.

Currency Exchange
Reliance Money Express Exchange Counter is in the Hotel Premises on ground floor. Currency Sale-Purchase, Money Transfer, Traveller Cheques, World Calling Cards & General / Travel Insurance services are available.

Do not disturb
If you want no one to disturb you switch on the red button to DO NOT DISTURB mode.

Doctor is available on call 24 Hours. Please contact at Reception.

Fire Escape
The hotel is equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment however, for you own protection, please read fire safety regulation on page

First Aid
Please contact Reception

Hair Dryer
Please contact House keeping for Hair Dryer and do not forget to return it after use.

Hot Water Bottle
Please contact House keeping

House keeping
Please contact Housekeeping for services like extra Blankets, pillows, hangers, cot or cleaning services, drinking water etc.

Wi-Fi Internet facility is available. Contact at reception

Kid’s Zone Fountain, Toys for playing for the kids on the ground floor


Laundry services
A bag and a laundry list is kept in your wardrobe please leave your laundry on your bed only with laundry list duly filled

Our reception will assist you.

We have halls and facilities for meeting / conferences with all conference aids like LCD Projector, Internet access Audio Video system available on request.

Mobile Chargers (at owners risk)
Mobile chargers of a few selected models are available at the reception

Packed Lunch
Please contact Room Service and place your order

Pets are not allowed in the Hotel premises.

Please contact the Reception (To be charged @ 5/- per page of laser copying.

Available on request please contact Reception.

Room Key
Kindly handover your key at Reception while going out of the Hotel. Your key will be given on arrival. Rs. 1500/- will be charged for the loss of the key and the loss should be reported to Reception as soon as possible.

Room Service
Available 7am to 11pm

Sewing Kit
Placed in the study table drawer for your convenience in your room. For further assistance, Please contact Housekeeping.

Shoe Shine Service
Automatic shoe shining is available in the washroom at ground floor. Do not leave shoes outside the room. Instant shoeshine is also available in the wardrobe.

Available in the stationery folder kept on the study table in your room. For replenishment, please contact the housekeeping

Toothpaste, brush, soap, shampoo, comb, face cream, shaving cream, razor blade available on request. Please call Housekeeping

TELEPHONE SERVICES (Activate on request)

Direct Dialing
Local Calls
Dial `0’. Wait for dial tone and then dial your number.

Outstation Calls
STD (all long distance numbers within India) and ISD (all numbers outside India) facility is available through the Reception.
• All STD / ISD calls are charged at flat rate irrespective of timings
• All local calls are charged @ Rs.5/- per 90 seconds pulse rate.

Room-to-Room Dialing Available You can ask the Reception to assist you, please dial `9’.

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